A Little Introspection

By , August 8, 2009 8:35 am

Jimi Hendrix – Long Hot Summer Night

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CIMG0074 At Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School, each classroom is equipped with a single desktop computer, to be used at the teacher’s discretion and minimally, to take daily attendance online.

Well, leaving this PC turned “on” for hours/days at a time inevitably gets the CPU fan a’ whirrin’ quite loudly, a sound which has only amplified itself in recent weeks.

Thursday, Rustum and I decided to finally investigate the excess noise coming from the PC, and lo and behold, aside from storing spreadsheets, documents, and mp3s, this computer had been in the business of storing California’s dust, a fact only fully realized after scooping an inch-thick layer from the bottom of the case.

At this point, some of my readers are no doubt wondering what is this blog coming to, when I’m posting about subjects as mundane as the dust in my computer.

Point conceded.

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